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Clean burning...does not soot like paraffin.

Help support U.S. agriculture business. A majority of the soybean produced throughout the world comes from U.S. All Laurence Candle products are manufactured in the U.S. and use domestic soy.

In today's social and political climate there is something fundamentally inconsistent in burning candles made from imported paraffin.

air purifier

This new line of air purifying soy candles utilizes a breakthrough-patented technology, to offer one of the only true air cleansing candles on the market. When
the candle is burned the neutralizers incorporated into the candle's environmentally friendly mixture of soy, reduce airborne mal-sensory agents from the air
The candle purifies the atmosphere around you while throwing an aromatic clean and refreshing fragrance.


Laurence works very closely with a candle-wick vendor who has developed a new wick technology. This recently patented product uses an open construction design enabling better capillary flow for harder to burn waxes such as soy. This
allows Laurence to take full advantage of soy's slow burning characteristics while providing a strong fragrance throw.

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